Hooks into a system that is to be monitored, captures events in the native format of the system, optionally converts them to a generic event format and sends them to the event bus.

Event Bus

Distributes monitoring events. It should be an open system that is easy to integrate with other systems like external system monitoring tools or correlation engines

Correlation Engine

Correlates events either only or by help of a persistent event store. It creates higher level events out of low level events

Event Store

Provides functionality to persist and retrieve events. It should also automatically condense history information to avoid an overflow of data


Shows the events in a way the user can get the most information out of them. For example the events can be shown on a graph of the systems or the business process they are related to

Applying the concept to ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana)

Element Maps to
Sensor Logstash
EventBus Not fully represented. Done in Logstash
Correlation Engine Lucene as part of Elastic Search
EventStore Elastic Search
Visualization Kibana