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Enterprise Software

  • Endur Trading and Risk Management
  • Tibco Business Works (SOA Process Management)
  • IBM Websphere (Java EE Application Server)
  • IBM Process Server (SOA Process Management)
  • Enterprise Service Bus (Tibco and IBM)

Java Application Servers

  • Tomcat
  • JBoss
  • Websphere

Conceptual Design

  • Domain Driven Design (see Eric Evans)
  • UML modeling
  • ER modeling
  • Tools used: Eclipse Modeling Framework, Poseidon, Borland Together

Programming languages

  • Java (4 Years)
  • AVS (1,5 years)
  • PHP (4 years)
  • Javascript (4 years)
  • Perl (6 years, currently seldom practiced)
  • Pascal (8 years, currently not practiced)
  • C/C++(2 years, currently not practiced)
  • TCL (basic knowledge)

Java Development

  • Eclipse IDE
  • JSP and Servlets on Tomcat
  • Axis and Xfire and Apache CXF Webservice Frameworks
  • JAX-WS and JAXB Webservice Standards
  • XML: W3C DOM and XSL Transformations, jDOM
  • Apache xmlsecurity (Digital Signature, Encryption)
  • Apache wss4j (SOAP Digital Signature)
  • Smartcard Cryptography (IAIK pkcs#11 Wrapper)
  • Graphical User Interfaces (SWING, AWT)
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate (ORM)
  • RMI Remoting
  • OSGI


  • SQL (Oracle, MySQL, Informix)
  • XML (Xindice)

Software Development Technologies

  • XML-Schema
  • Soap, Web Services
  • EJB3
  • Spring Inversion of Control Container
  • CSS
  • DOM
  • XSL


  • Linux System Administration (router, webserver, fileserver, printserver)
  • Specialized on Webservers (Apache, Tomcat, Axis)
  • Ldap (Authentication Server)
  • Linux Firewalling (ipchains, iptables, ipsec)
  • Intrusion Detection (Snort)
  • Network Managment (Netsaint, Mrtg)

Social Skills

  • Experience in project management
  • Leading of a small development team



Twitter: @schneider_chris

Github: cschneider



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