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Today the 2.2.6 Version of Karaf was released. It incorporates more than 80 fixed jira issues.

One important usability improvement is the features:chooseurl command. It allows to add feature files for well known products like Apache Camel or Apache CXF in a much simpler way than the features:addurl command.

For example to install the current Apache Camel you just have to type:

features:chooseurl camel 2.9.1
features:install camel-core

Besides camel we currently already support activemq, cxf, jclouds, openejb and wicket.

In fact the command simply uses a config file etc/org.apache.karaf.features.repos.cfg that maps a product name to the feature file url and sets it with the given version number. So if some product you would like to use is missing you can simply add it yourself. If it is interesting for others too then please create a jira issue so we add it in the next distro.

Currently the chooseurl command already has completion for the product name but not for the version number. We plan to add completion for the version number in one of the next Karaf releases by evaluating the version in the maven repos.

Btw. for camel and cxf you still have to replace the etc/ with the etc/ file to change some package exports of the system bundle.

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